//Strict: Competition for the New Student Selection Process for the Independent Pathway at the University of Mataram

Strict: Competition for the New Student Selection Process for the Independent Pathway at the University of Mataram

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Mataram, University of Mataram – Independent pathway of the Mataram University Entrance Test (UNRAM) conducted on 07-17/2019 attended by 6,209 participants. As many as 2,319 selected study programs and 3,689 participants chose the Soshum study program for S1 (S1) so that the total number of participants for S1 was 6,008. as previously known, only 30 percent of the quota is available through this standalone test. That is, the competition to graduate can be said to be very strict.

Meanwhile, the number of participants who chose the KLU Vocational program were as many as 135 people and Bima Vocations as many as 31 participants. Meanwhile, the concentration of airports under the Tourism Diploma III of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) is a collaboration between UNRAM and PT. Angkasapura I some time ago was attended by 35 participants.

Head of UNRAM Academic, Student and Planning Bureau Drs. Ruspan, M.Ak. said that the implementation of the independent test this time still uses Print-Based Writing Exams (UTBC) while specifically for participants who register for concentration in an airport at PT. Angkasapura I uses a Computer-Based Writing Exam (UTBK).

Meanwhile, Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs Agusdin, SE., MBA., DBA advised the participants to be orderly during the exam process and not commit fraud.

“We hope the participants can be orderly and not cheat,” he said.

The standalone test this time was carried out in 14 sectors. There are 5 sectors for science and technology and 9 sectors for social science. The sector was then divided into 42 locations, the allocation of which was 17 locations for Saintek and 25 locations for Social Sciences. The test path that is usually done after the SNMPTN and SBMPTN tests are complete, is carried out in 134 rooms. Of the total rooms, all are spread across various faculties. The science test is conducted at the Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and UPT Library, Forestry, and Faculty. Medical. Meanwhile, Social Sciences are scattered in rooms located in the Faculty of Engineering, Law, Economics, Fatepa, Faculty of Social Sciences, Pharmacy, and Joint Lecture Building.

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