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Dr. Ir. Sukartono, M.Sc


Ir. Kisman, M. Sc., Ph.D

(Vice Of Dean. I)

Prof. Dr. Ir. A. Farid Hemon, MSc.

(Vice Of Dean. II)

Prof. DR.Ir. I Wyn. Sutrisna

( Vice Dean. III)

Based on the Decree of Higher Education Minister on 3 November 1962 No. 139/1962, University of Mataram is officially established on 1 October 1962 which consisted of three faculties namely, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, and the Faculty of Agriculture. However, the Faculty of Agriculture is officially established on 1 January 1967, based on University of Mataram Presidium Decree dated 27 January 1967 No. SP/03/1.C/67. Therefore, the anniversary of the Faculty of Agriculture is decided to be conducted on 1 January.

Lecturing and practicum activities, which were previously conducted in the building of Senior High School of Agriculture (SPMA) Mataram, started to be conducted in campus buildings of the Faculty of Agriculture, Jalan Pendidikan No. 37, Mataram. To support the implementation of academic activities and the faculty administrative functions which are continuously developing, in 1995, the faculty administration office and Department of Social Economics of Agriculture were transferred to the Faculty of Agriculture buildings located on Jalan Majapahit No. 62 Mataram, while the Department of Agriculture still remains at the north complex of Campus (Jalan Pendidikan No.37, Mataram)

Vision     :

Becoming the Faculty of Agriculture which is internationally competitive in the development of sustainable agricultural systems in 2025.

Mission  :

Mission of the Faculty of Agriculture, Mataram University, are conducting education, research, and community service through the development and application of agricultural science and technology to support sustainable agriculture and meet the needs of competent human resources and superior agricultural products and technology.

In the implementation of academic and academic administrative functions, the Faculty of Agriculture currently has three departments, which are: Department of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Socio-Economics, and Department of Soil Science.

To support the implementation of the educational process at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mataram, laboratory, technical service unit (UPT), and other supporting facilities are provided. Existing educational laboratory can be used for student and lecturers research because it has been equipped with adequate equipment. The laboratories are:

1. Post-Harvest and Production Laboratory
Head: Dr. Ir. Bambang Budi Santoso, M.Sc.Agr.
Accredited by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Board (BAPPEBTI), Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, as the Commodity Quality Assessment Laboratory (Corn, Grain and Rice) in the Warehouse Receipt System.

2. Soil Science Laboratory
Head: Baiq Dewi Krisnayanti, SP., MP., Ph.D.

3. Microbiology Laboratory
Head: Ir. H. Agus Rochyadi, SU., Ph.D.

4. Bioscience and Biotechnology Laboratory
Head: Ir. Aluh Nikamatullah, MSc.,Ph.D.
5. Agribusiness and Communications Laboratory
Head: Dian Miharja, SP., M.Si.
6. Technical Service Unit (UPT) of Data and Information
Head: Drs. Sri Maryati, MP.

7. Technical Service Unit (UPT) of Education and Research Facilities Head: Ir. R. Sri Tedjo Wulan, M.Sc., Ph.D.
8. The Development Unit of Agribusiness and Sustainable Agricultural Technology
Head: Dr. Ir. Lestari Ujianto, MSc.

It is certain that the facility is a major contributing factor in implementing the learning process of higher education. The Faculty of Agriculture equipped with horticultural gardens, lecture rooms, administrative office, library (Reading Room), two units of greenhouse, student activity rooms, cafeteria, Musholla and laboratories that have been described above. Lecture rooms (classes) have been equipped with LCDs and air conditioning so that the learning process will be conducted well.
There are two libraries that can be used by students and lecturers: the central library (University) which is equipped with collections of books, journals, audiovisual materials, and the faculty library that specifically serve students with collections of books and journals and audiovisual materials. Each of the study programs also provides a reading room equipped with a variety of textbooks and journals that are specific to each program of study (obtained from the DUE-like grant project and SP4 project).

Three greenhouse units are being used as places to conduct research activities that require environmental control. These three units of greenhouse are sometimes not enough to accommodate the needs of students and faculty research. To overcome this problem, the lecturers and students create simple plastic houses around the campus area. Experimental gardens are located in many locations: an experimental garden (5-hectare-wetland) for research on ecological aspects of dry land, located in Akar-Akar Village, North Lombok, and an experimental garden with 4.15 hectare width located in Narmada, West Lombok.

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