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Drs. Muaidy Yasin, MS


Sahri, MS

(Vice Of Dean. I)

Busaini, M. Si

(Vice Of Dean. II)

Dr. Akhmad Jupri, MP

( Vice Dean. III)

At the request of the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara Province, KDH R. Ar. Moh. Ruslan Cakraningrat, on 17 November 1963 Sangkareang Education Foundation opened a new faculty in addition to the Faculty of Law , namely the Faculty of Economics, which was established as the preparation of being a national or state faculty. At the first academic year, The Faculty of Economics Sangkareang had 85 students. On December 19, 1963 the Faculty of Economics Sangkareang was inaugurated by the Minister of Higher Education and Science (PTIP) Prof.Dr.Ir. Toyib Hadiwijaya into the Faculty of Economics, University of Mataram, it gives birth to Mataram State University or the University of Mataram. The Faculty of Economics is the only faculty owned by University of Mataram until 1966 on January 1, 1967 opened the Faculty of Agriculture, followed by changes in the status of the Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge Sangkareang into the Faculty of Law, University of Mataram.

Vision in 2012-2025

““The establishment of  Economics Faculty of Mataram University as a center for research and development of Economics and Business which is internationally competitive in 2025”

Mission in 2012-2016

Realizing Economics Faculty UNRAM which are:

  • Being a leading institution in education service
  • Being a leading Research centre at the national level based on the social values and local culture.
  • Participating in the national community development.
  • Developing national and international cooperation networks in the field of education, research and community service.
  • Establishing a system of governance of higher education oriented Good Governance

Mission in 2016-2021 :

  • Providing educational services and conducting researches which have good reputation in the Southeast Asian Region.
  • Playing an important role in the development of Asian community
  • Developing cooperative network among Asian countries in education, research and community services.

Mission in 2022-2025

  • Providing educational services and conducting researches which have good reputation in Southeast Asia Region.
  • Participating in the International community development.
  • Develops international cooperation networks in the field of education, research and community services.

Now, the Faculty of Economics has shown positive development, both in physically development and the increasing number of study programs developed. It is recorded in 2012, that the Economics Faculty, University of Mataram had 11 programs of study including in Undergraduate level (S1), professional education in Diploma Three (D3) and Strata Two or Magister education (S2).

The study programs which are included in the level of strata One(S1)  or Undergraduate degree are Economics and Development Study Program, Management Study Program and Accounting Study Program. In addition there is also Noon Regular Program of Management organized by the Directorate General of Higher Education Decree No. 15 / DIKTI / Kep / 1997, dated January 17, 1997 and Evening Regular Accounting Study Program organized by Mataram University Rector Decree No. : 1866 / UN18 / HK.00.01 / 2012.

The Diploma Three (D3) Taxation Program and  Accounting program were established according to Mataram University Rector Decree No. 3831 / J18.H / KH.01.11 / 1997, dated May 6, 1997 subsequent gain operating license from the Directorate General of Higher Education with the Decree No. 146 / DIKTI / Kep ./2000, May 12, 2000.

As for the other programs are Diploma (D3) Tourism program organized according to Director General of Higher Education Decree No. 2612 / D / T / 2001 , dated August 6, 2001 with 3 concentrations:: Hotels and Restaurants ( HR ) , Business Travel ( BT ) and Tourism Business Development .

The first lecturing took place in the hall of Economics Faculty in Kambang, in the middle of the pond Taman Mayura . In the second academic year, the freshman took place in the campus building located in Karang Jangkong UNRAM , while, the second year students still had their class in Balai Kambang. Since 1969, after the completion of the building of the Faculty of Economics, Mataram University, located in Jalan Pendidikan, Mataram, all academic and administrative activities were transferred to the building.

During the development of the Faculty of Economics in 1997, the faculty was equipped by additional new buildings located in Jalan Majapahit 62 Mataram , which were inaugurated by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Dr. Wardiman Djojonegoro. It was submitted directly to the Faculty in order to be used properly. Since that time, all the administrative activities and academic services were focused on the new halls. Physically the building area is about 3,500 m2 consists of three floors. The amount of rooms that can be used for teaching and learning process are 14 classes, while others consist of 4 rooms for  the faculty head and executive ; IESP Department, Management Department and Accounting Department, 1 room for  study major, one room occupied by BP2EB, 3 lecture rooms with capacity of 15-30 people for each, 3 Computers laboratory room  with capacity of 20-30 people for each, one main courtroom, 4 rooms for administrative services such as  academic administration, financial administration and personnel, students administration and general administration, and equipment under the coordination of the Head of Administration

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