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Akmaluddin, ST.M.Sc (Eng), Ph.D


Syahrul, S.T., M.A.Sc., Ph.D.

(Vice Of Dean. I)

Abdullah Zainuddin, S.T., M.T.

(Vice Of Dean. II)

Sinarep, S.T., M.T.

( Vice Dean. III)

Chronologically, the existence of the Faculty of Engineering, Mataram University, is preceded by the establishment of a Preparatory Committee for the College of Engineering Mataram (STTM). STTM started accepting new students in the academic year 1985/1986. The college was prepared to be the embryo of the Faculty of Engineering in order to meet the demands of West Nusa Tenggara province. The Faculty of Engineering is really needed and must be established by Mataram University by considering the lack of experts in the field of civil engineering, especially in hydraulic engineering area. Then, the preparatory committee proposed the status of STTM to be changed into Civil Engineering Program. It is approved by the issuance of the Director General of Higher Education Decree No. 68 / DIKTI / KEP / 1991 dated 8 November 1991, about the College of Engineering Mataram changed its status into Civil Engineering Program, University of Mataram under the coordination of the rector.

Through some process and obstacles, Mataram University try to improve the quality of the resources and infrastructure of Civil Engineering Program. Then, finally Mataram University successfully establish the Faculty of Engineering with the Civil Engineering Program by Minister of Education and Culture Decree No. 0375/0/1993 dated October 21, 1993.

In a relatively young age, without neglecting the problem that the existing teaching staffs are still limited and also hih demands of West Nusa Tenggara province for experts in the field of engineering, in the academic year 1996/1997, the Faculty of Engineering, started preparing two study programs which are Mechanical Engineering Program and Electronic Engineering Program. The efforts eventually resulted in the publication of the Directorate General of Higher Education Decree No. 115 / DIKTI / Kep / 1998, and then both of the programs were officially established. Started from the academic year 1998/1999, the Faculty of Engineering, Mataram University has had three programs wich are Civil Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, and Electronic Engineering Department. These study programs are currently accredited “B” by National Board of Accreditation for Higher Education (BAN-PT).


Being the leading Faculty of Engineering in the development of Appropriate Technology with International standard in 2025.


  1. Developing Education and Teaching Program based on Appropiate Technology, Advance Technology, and Moral and Character Education.
  2. Developing Appropriate Technology-Based Research
  3. Developing Appropiate Technology-Based Community Service Program.
  4. Establishing partnership with relevant stakeholders in the development and utilization of Tridharma outcomes.
  5. Condusive Institution Strengthening in supporting the achievement of the Vision.

Developing entrepreneurial spirit based on Appropriate Technology.


Being a civil engineering educational institution that produces graduates who are innovative, creative, independent, able to compete at national and international levels, and also has commitment in the implementation and development of science and technology.


  1. Organizing civil engineering educational program that is able to produce engineering graduates who are creative, innovative, faithful and devoted, competent in their field and also environmentally sound.
  2. Providing facilities and services of educational program that support the effective and efficient learning process.
  3. Implementing quality assurance (QA) system of education
  4. Producing research product or service that can improve the quality of local industries.
  5. Actively participating in community service so that the Civil Engineering Department can serve as the agent of social change.


“Being the center of education and science and technology development, especially in electronic engineering field, that is able to compete at the national and regional levels with regard for the regional potential and culture in a sustainable way”.


  1. Providing education services dan development of science and technology in electronic engineering to community, government, industry, and professional circles
  2. Providing human resources which are capable of competing at the national and regional levels
  3. Developing research and utilization of Appropriate Technology that correspond to the regional potential and culture in sustainable way
  4. Providing research and consulting services related to electronic engineering
  5. Improving facilities and infrastructure, qualification of lecturers, and academic management sustainably.


Being the center of education and development of science and technology, especially in the field of mechanical engineering, that is able to compete at the national and regional levels by considering the regional potential and local culture in a sustainable way.


  1. Producing graduates who are able to master and apply the science of mechanical engineering.
  2. Producing graduates who are able to adher, master, and develop science and technology with global prespective and national spirit.
  3. Producing graduates who are able to communicate and cooperate, and also have leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and also environmentally sound.
  4. Making the Mechanical Engineering Department, Mataram University, as an institution that serves the community in education, mechanical engineering development and services independently, entrepreneurship-oriented and in a sustainable way.


“Being a leading Informatics Engineering Department in research and the development of Appropiate Information and Communication Technology with international quality in 2025”


  1. Organizing high qualified education for producing graduates who have noble character, entrepreneurial spirit, professional, and master the latest information technology.
  2. Developing a research center in the field of information and communication technologies that has international quality, up-to-date, and widely benefit the community.
  3. Developing interdisciplinary research collaboration with various domestic and foreign institutions.
  4. Conducting community service based on the results of research in order to improve the welfare of local communities.
  5. Strengthening human resources and the institution condusively in achieving the vision.

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