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Dr. H. Hirsanuddin, SH., M.Hum.


Dr. H. Kaharuddin, SH., MH.

(Vice Of Dean. I)

Ari Rahmad Hakim BF.,SH.,M.Hum

(Vice Of Dean. II)

H.Sofwan, SH., M.Hum

( Vice Dean. III)

West Nusa Tenggara province was initially a part of the Lesser Sunda. Since 1958. Lesser Sunda is separated into three (3) provinces, namely, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara.

Under the establishment of West Nusa Tenggara province whose capital city in Mataram, the local government seeks to improve human resource in order to carry them to the change of attitude that is based on scientific thinking as the basic capital to carry out development.To support the development of human resources since 1959, the preparations for the establishment of higher education institutions was initiated which then improved in 1960 in the form of foundation called Yayasan Sangkareang.

The local community hopes are realized by the release of Decree of MPRS No. II/MPRS/1960 about Outlines of National Development Planning Pattern first stages in1961-1969. Based on the decision of MPRS mentioned, in  1961 the preparation to establish a higher education institution has become a final plan and right in that time, there has been formed the foundation named Sangkareang Education Foundation . In 1962, the foundation established a College of Law and Public Knowledge In which aimed to accommodate high school’s graduate in an area that is economically unable to continue their studies to Java or other areas.Then in 1963 Sangkareang Education Foundation established one faculty it was Faculty of Economics. A couple of months since the establishment of the Faculty of Economics, on December 1963, in commemoration of the Fifth-Year of West Nusa Tenggara province, the local government took over the Faculty of Economics into the State, then it became the first faculty of the University of Mataram. Mataram University established based on the decree of Minister of higher education and science on November 3rd 1962 and then followed by the College of Law and Public Knowledge and then entered into the Law Faculty of the Mataram University on January 25th 1967 with Ministry of Education and Culture decree RI No. I/1967 named Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge, State University of Mataram To improve the quality of graduates, The Faculty of Law also hold working relation between various Law Faculty in Java such as the Law faculty of Gadjah Mada University and Law faculty of University of Airlangga .

On April 29th 1969, the cooperation in the form of affiliation between the Law Faculty of Gadjah Mada University and the Law Faculty of Mataram University was held, therefore Law Faculty and Public Knowledge had been renamed into the Faculty of Law and Public Knowledge. the University of Mataram.


In 2020 the Law Faculty of Mataram University is expected to be able to compete compete nationally and internationally in conducting education, research and community service that is based on science and faith.


  1. To organize the educational process which capable of generating learners whose capable in academic and professional, honest , humane, dignity and proper
  2. To conduct legal research that can be utilized for the development of law and jurisprudence and as a basis for consideration of the manufacture, implementation or enforcement of religious laws;
  3. To implement the community service through the empowerment of law and human resources in order to improve the welfare of society as well as the dignity and personality of the nation.  To develop and disseminating of legal knowledge to improve the awareness of the community and enrich the national culture.

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