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Prof. Dr. H. A. Wahab Jufri. M.Sc


Dr. L. Zulkifli, M. Si.

(Vice Of Dean. I)

Dr. Syafruddin, MS.

(Vice Of Dean. II)

Ni Made Novi Suryanti, M.Si.

( Vice Dean. III)

In 1981/1982 with the establishment of Ministry of Education and Culture  decree No. 326/D2.3/M/80 on December 31st 1980, Mataram University was assigned to manage the Diploma I of education program for PMP subject, Bahasa Indonesia, Science, and Mathematic. By the implementation of that program, Mataram University has LPTK (Institute of education and staff of education) as the cultivation of institute of educational Diploma program. Based on that idea, with head of Mataram University decree No.102/PT.21/H4/81 on April 25th 1981, Faculty of teacher training and education is officially opened.

To be continue, in academic year 1981/1982 Mataram University was given a duty to manage the Diploma II (two) of education program for Bahasa and Indonesian literature, English and Mathematic subject besides managing Diploma I of education program. The situation in this embrional phase faculty of teacher training and education Mataram University keeps optimistic toward the struggle comes interchangeably. Number of student increase annually but the existence of lecturing room still not eligible therefore the lecturing activity spreads all around the lecturing rooms availabled in Mataram University start from morning until evening. After the release of RI presindent’s decree No. 63 year 1982 on September 7th 1982 about Organization structure of Mataram University, the establishment of faculty of teacher training and education is officially admitted and it is expected that the faculty of teacher training and education Mataram University to be able to develop its insititute and able to produce staffs of education / teacher whose professional, personal and strong social competence and responsibility and dedication in implementing the duty.

Then in the first 10 years of its establishment, FTTE ( faculty of teacher training and education) is assigned to cultivate the Diploma II PGSD (primary teacher education) class teacher whose operational implementation is placed in UPP ouside the collage, (ex SGO) which is one UPP with UPP inside the collage, UPP FTTE. The reqruitment of D II PGSD new students had been started in academic year 1991/1992 and had been stopped since academic year 2004/2005.

For the academic year 1992/1993 FTTE also had assigned to manage D3 PGSM equalization of mathematic and science program together with Kanwil Depdikbud NTB. The suggestion of D3 PGSM came from junior high school teachers of mathematic and Science subject throughout West Lombok who were still qualified as D I or PGSLP. This duty is only occurred for one force. In 1995/1996, PGSM, PPMPWB, PGSM S1, PGSM D3 program had been opened, those cooperated with regional office of department of education and culture, West Nusa Tenggara. In the following year Akta VI program and S1 equalization had been opened through the enhancement of intermediate school teacher (PGSM) Ditjen Dikti. To enhance the education quality especially primary education, FTTE mataram University 2005/2006 cultivated S1 PGSD, and in 2007/2008 FTTE Mataram University held Bachelor degree of PGSD program qualification in position for primary school teacher whose tired education is SPG and SGO. In 2008/2009 FTTE Mataram University also cultivated S1 PG-PAUD program which the change of D2 PGTK program, and non regular bachelor degree in addition to regular programs which had been cultivated in advance. In academic year 2009/2010, FTTE had been trusted to hold S1 PGSD education teacher qualification in position raising program. In academic year 2014/2015 FTTE had been assigned by DIKTI to hold sociology education program. In the following years, FTTE Mataram University will propose the establishment of history study program, economic education program, information and technology education program and art education program. In academic year 2008/2009, FTTE Mataram University had been also believed to establish the Master degree of science education program. For academic year 2009/2010, FTTE Mataram University held the master degree of Bahasa, master degree of English, and master degree of educational management. .

“Becoming LPTK which generates professional alumni whose international competitive through educational and research-based teaching in 2025

For the realization of the above vision, FKIP Mataram University developed mission as follows:

  1. Improving the quality of education services through the utilization of research results
  2. improving the quality and relevance of research results
  3. Improving the service quality service to the community through the utilization of research results
  4. Develop and improve the quality of planning , system information , and cooperation with relevant parties
  5. Realizing unity in strengthening institutional governance system
  1. Study Program of Bahasa, Indonesian and regional literature
  2. Study program of English Education
  3. Study Program of Biology education
  4. Study program of Chemistry Education
  5. Study Program of Physical Education
  6. Study program of Mathematics Education
  7. Study Program of Sociology education
  8. PG PAUD Program
  9. PGSD Program
  10. Department of Social science and civics education

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