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Ir. I Gde Ekaputra Gunartha, M.Agr., Ph.D.


Dr. Hirsanuddin. SH.,MH

(Deputy Director)

The establishment of Postgraduate Program University of Mataram preceded by the lisence to open a Master of Management under the organizational structure of the Faculty of Economics, University of Mataram by the Directorate General of Higher Education in 1999 with Decree of Director General of Higher Education No. 153 / DIKTI / Kep / 1999 dated 13 April 1999. In 2003 opened Program Master of Legal Studies under the Organizational Structure of the Faculty of Law with Decree of Director General of Higher Education Number: 1877 / D / T / 2003 dated August 13, 2003. In 2004 opened two programs: Master of Resource Management Dryland under the organizational structure of the Faculty of Agriculture, University Mataram with Decree of Director General of Higher Education No. 3066 / D / T / 2004 dated August 9, 2004 and Master of Resource Management Animal Husbandry under the organizational structure of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry with Decree of Director General of Higher Education No. 3798 / D / T / 2004 dated September 21, 2004. For  more effective management, efficient and productive; then on September 8, 2005 by decree of the Rector of the University of Mataram number: 8251 / J18.H / HK.01.11 / 2005 all four master study programs are managed in an integrated manner under the organizational structure of Posgraduate program, University of Mataram. In the 2005-2009 period the Director General of Higher Education has given approval the opening of the Master of Science Education (2007), Master of Accounting (2009), Master of Economic Sciences (2009) and Master of Indonesian Language Education (2009). In 2011 issued an operating permit Master of Civil Engineering; and April 24, 2012 issued an operational permit the Master of Education in English with Education Minister Decree No. 138 / E / O / 2012. In 2013 issued an operational permit program Master of Education Administration and Master of Notary. Then at the same year, on 31 Jamuary,  a Doctor of Science of Law study program was issued, based on the Education Minister Decree No. 30 / E / O / 2013. The Postgraduate Program of the University of Mataram manages 28 concentration / Interests of study on ten of the master study program.

Management of the University of Mataram postgraduate education integration guided by all the rules of higher education imposed by the Directorate General of Higher Education, the rules of the University of Mataram, the Organizational Structure and Work Procedure of Mataram University Postgraduate Program established by Rector Decree No. 9409 / H18 / HK // 2007 July 24 2007.

At the beginning of the establishment of the Postgraduate Study Program, has been appointed Ir. I Gde Ekaputra Gunartha, M. Agr., Ph.D. as Director and DR. Anang Husni, SH., MH. as Deputy Director. Entering the middle of 2008 the post of Deputy Director was replaced by Hirsanuddin, SH., MH. After four years of implementation of integrated education in the Postgraduate Program of the University of Mataram has generated 1393 Masters. Student development at Mataram University Postgraduate Program continues to rise, this is not only due to the number of lecturers who returned from the Education both domestic and abroad with scientific competence in accordance with Government Regulation No. 19 of 2005 on National Education Standards. This is also a result of public demand for further education. 1166 students currently listed Postgraduate Program are participating in education in a variety of expertise. They come from different regions and professional agencies, which coalesce into an academic community in the campus of the University of Mataram.


The vision of the program is to be a leading Postgraduate Program that meets international academic standards to produce quality graduates and master science and technology, able to conduct research and community services that benefit through the support of cooperation based on the values of Faith and Godfearing.


The mission of the Postgraduate Program the University of Mataram covers:

  • Realising high-quality education in order to produce human resources who control the progress of science and technology and supporting the local, regional, and national development.
  • Building cooperation with various parties / institutions at home and abroad to support the establishment of university-based research (Research University).

To realize a research-based program that can compete both nationally and internationally In 2024

1. To organize an education that is able to develop reasoning and has the ability in the field of law;
2. To conduct research and assessing the progress of science to support the development of education and community service;
3. To organize community service based on the results of education and research in order to solve a variety of legal problems in society.
Tme of Study
Education Program Master of Law Program, University of Mataram is designed for 4 (semesters), with a study load of 41 credits consisting of course works and thesis. Students who have taken the burden of studies that have been required can be passed and holds a Master of Law (MH).

Master of Public Notary postgraduate program was officially opened by the Director General of Higher Education Decree No. 30 / E / O / 2013 on the lisence of Magister Public Notary Program at the University of Mataram.


Master of Public Notary is an academic education that aims to :

  • To generate graduates who have the ability to develop the science of law and the law Notary;
  • To generate graduates who have the academic competence to solve problems in a professional notary law;
  • To generate graduates who have skills in the making of the agreement and deed;
  • To build an academic atmosphere that is Progressive, critical, open and accommodating;
  • To build Notary institutional governance system that meet standard services.


The development of science and technology and the dynamics of society in the era of globalization requires Human Resources (HR) that have a high competitiveness in local, national, and international. For that reason Mataram University Postgaduate Program pioneered the opening of the Master of Science Education. These courses provide an opportunity for Bachelor in the field of science education to continue their studies at a higher level.

A survey has been carried out to teachers at the high school level, lecturers of universities and related institutions in the region of Wset Nusa Tenggara to study the response of the public. The survey showed that interest in Bachelor graduates to continue their education at Master degree in the field of science education was quite high. To accommodate these desires, the Postgraduate Program Universitas Mataram has initiated the establishment of the Master of Science Education.

Operational permit Operation Master of Science Education obtained from the Directorate General of Higher Education by Decree No. 1698 / D / T2007 dated 10 July 2007. Based on the license, Master of Science Education began to receive the first batch of new students of academic year 2007/2008 as many as 21 people. Extension of the implementation of study program provided by the Directorate General of Higher Education at the University of Mataram Rector Decree No. 2670 / D / T / KN / 2010 on June 28, 2010. Simultaneously with the issuance of operating license renewal, there was a change in the name of the Master of Science Education became Master of Natural Science Education, University of Mataram. Results of the study program accreditation was  B, obtained from National Acreditation Board, valid from 2012 to 2017.


” As a leading Master of Science Education in the development of competent human resources, competitive locallly and globaly in 2025”


  1. To implement a Competency-based education which is qualified and acuntable.
  2. To improve the quality of research at the local, national and international level.
  3. To implement the results of research on learning and community service activities.
  4. To develop professionalism to apply science, technology and art.

Prospect of Graduates

Prospects of graduates of the Master of Science Education University of Mataram are:

  • Professional educators
  • Manager field of education
  • Developers of Curriculum and Science Lesson
  • Researchers in the field of Science Education and Natural Science


Universities as carrier education, should be able to produce qualified human resources, which is the main capital in development. Higher education is meant to prepare human resources from local, regional, and national levels in order to be able to compete and be able to answer the challenges of development in the present and future.

Program Master of Economics, University of Mataram is intended to meet the needs of professionals in the field of Economic Planning and Development, Resource Management, and Islamic Economics

Therefore the Master of Economics opened three concentrations:

  1. Economics Planning
  2. Natural and Human Resource Economics
  3. Islamic Economics


Master of Economics Program is expected to generate graduates who are capable of doing the analysis of the real problems of the economy, especially those related to planning and economic development, natural resource management and human resources, the development of economic institutions / finance and Islamic banking.

Graduates Competency

  1. Capable of working as an expert in the field of economic planning and regional development.
  2. Capable of working as an expert in the field of human resource management and natural resources.
  3. Capable of working as an expert in the field of Islamic sharia-based economy so as to meet the increasing market demand.


Globalization as a process that shows two things, homogenization and differentiation cause complex interactions between localism, nationalism and universalism. People are required to be more prudent in selecting, anticipate and respond to any challenge and opportunity. Social studies, humanities, education, and social assessment of other integrated in the study of education social studies, including education Indonesian by using an interdisciplinary approach, multidisciplinary, comparative and other approaches with the intention of “dissecting” the phenomenon of language exist that are not adequately addressed by the field study. Thus demanding sensitivity of language observers to immediately be able to solve the social problems.Indonesian Education Master degree is one of the programs offered at Mataram University under Postraduate Program that have high relevance for the purpose of educational resources development, especially in education of Indonesian language.


To be one of the best centers in developing educators and scholars in Language Studies Education that is professional, scientificly insightful, educative, religious, and cultured Indonesia.


  1. To promote education and training in the development of expertise and professionalism with an output of graduates as scholars, observers, researchers (linguists) in Indonesian Education;
  2. To generate active researchers in the social field (language and literature) in order to create and build a “house of knowledge” , independently applying and / or integrating the educational activities;
  3. To turn on social dedication through the dissemination of research and action research findings and expertise for the benefit of users who support the goals of progress and universal education, especially in the field of Language Studies;
  4. Organizing education and learning, substantially and structurally in order to strengthen the progress of social studies curriculum.


Master of Civil Engineering study program is an educational program that is located in the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mataram. Currently its management is under the Postgraduate Program, University of Mataram. Education Master of Civil Engineering is expected to improve the mastery of science, scientific development independently in various related aspects as well as improving reasoning ability and expertise to be more active and instrumental in the development of science and its application. Especially for those who are directly involved in the activities of public infrastructure development (policy-making, planning, financing, construction, operation and maintenance management).

Master of Civil Engineering, University of Mataram designed to meet the needs of human resources (HR) of civil engineering experts who have the competence and ability to meet the challenges of public infrastructure development problems, particularly for the Regional and National. Master Program in Civil Engineering was organized in the academic year 2011/2012 by offering an interest of Infrastructure Engineering expertise.


To become an educational institution of civil engineering that is professional and innovative to support the sustainable development of the region.


  1. To generate graduates Master of Civil Engineering with dignity, reliable, innovative, and competent in their field, as well as environmentally sound.
  2. To carry out the Civil engineering education that supports the learning process that are effective and efficient, supporting the quality assurance, as well as creating a conducive academic atmosphere.
  3. To produce and deliver research services and scientific expertise that can enhance the development of science and technology, industrial construction, and public infrastructure, as well as other institutions in a responsible way and professionally.


At least there are  three challenges of education in Indonesia, namely (1) policies that provide the breadth of authority and responsibility of the educational institutions in developing the potential of learners to the creation of good governance at all levels and educational unit. (2) global developments in various areas require improvement of the quality of education, and (3) changes in national education management system from centralization to decentralization. Along with these challenges, the positions of teachers and education staff become very strategically demanding.

In accordance with its vision and mission, University of Mataram continues its efforts to improve its role in development West Nusa Tenggara, among other is to  produce quality graduates by improving the quality of education and learning, research and service that are beneficial to improve the welfare of the community with the support of cooperation based on the values of Faith and Taqwa.

Master of Education Administration opened by the Director General of Higher Education Decree of the Ministry of Education and Culture No. 30 / E / O / 2013, dated January 31, 2013. Through this study program, the University of Mataram is expected to be able to prepare professionals that can handle educational institutions. Through this study program is expected to appear principals, supervisors, teachers and other education personnel from various government and private agencies that are reliable in developing and improving the quality of education.


To become a leading Masters Program in Educational Administration, generating graduates who are professional, competitive, dedicated, and dignified.


  1. To carry out Education and learning effectively and efficiently, generating graduates that are reliable and professional in the field of educational administration with a foundation of theory and practice.
  2. To carry out research and community service, especially to educational institutions on the management of education to support the development of education.
  3. To complete the educational facilities gradually and continuously to improve the quality of education and learning.
  4. To increase mutually beneficial partnerships with various agencies to improve the quality of education in achieving goals.

Graduates Competency

  • They are capable to develop professional expertise in the field of educational administration.
  • They are capable to execute and implement the administrative system of education in educational institutions effectively and professionally.
  • They are capable to perform troubleshooting on scientific education administration in schools, education authorities and other relevant agencies.
  • Capable to provide ideas and policies that effectively and efficiently about educational administration.
  • They are capable to contribute ideas based on the research findings as policy in the development of education.

Dryland Resource Management Master Program is a master degree  with a concentration of Cultivation Techniques and Agribusiness. The program began accepting new students in the academic year 2004/2005 in accordance with the Director General of Higher Education Decree No. 3066 / D / T / 2004. The lectures started in the second semester of 2004/2005, with the number of students accepted as many as 16 students. Until the academic year 2012/2013, the total number of students amounted to 241 students. It has generated as many as 136 graduates and cumlaude as many as 62 Graduates. Title given to the graduates is is the Master of Science (M. Si).

Based on the Decree of the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education No. 004 / BAN-PT / Ak-VIII / S2 / VI / 2010 stated that the program has been accredited, valid until 11 June 2015. In addition, based on the decision of the Director General of Higher Education, Ministry of National Education No. 5536 / D / T / KN / 2011, the operating Licence for Dryland Resource Management Master Program is  extended until July 14, 2014.


“To become a research-based Master Program   which is  competitive both nationaly and internationaly, especially in the dry land management in 2025”


Carry out the process of higher education, research activities, community service, building a network of cooperation with various parties and implement governance asset, financial and administrative standards of quality national / international in order to produce a Master of Science in the field of dryland resource management which is faithful and devoted to God Almighty, noble character with global perspective.


  1. To organize master of education program which is professional, eficient and superior
  2. To develop a conducive academic atmosphere in order to create the scientific community in the campus of Mataram University.


  1. Improving the quality of student input and output according to national and international standard
  2. Improving the standards of learning services both nationally / internationally
  3. To provide an accesible information systems to students and stakeholders via the Internet.
  4. To increase asset governance, public administration management and financial management


Had sufficient amenities, such as air-conditioned lecture rooms, advanced multimedia facilities and well-equipped laboratories. It has special facilities such as discussion rooms equipped with books and journals, computer facilities, Internet and Hot Spot, physical and virtual web-based library and other supporting facilities.

Brief Information

Doctoral Studies Program of Legal Studies was officially opened by decree of Education Minister No. 30 / E / O / 2013 Date January 31 2013, on the Implementation permission Doctoral Studies of Law at the University of Mataram.


  1. Possess the ability to develop scientific ideas that contribute to the development and practice of law and social sciences;
  2. Possess the ability to draw up interdisciplinary researches, in the field of law in the form of a dissertation published in national and international scientific journals;

Possess the ability of arguments and solutions in the field of legal science that is scientifically and academic ethics

Master of Livestock Resource Management is a professionally managed educational institution which aims to prepare professional and competitive manpowers to develop science and technology and its application in the field of animal husbandry.


-To carry out the quality and efficient learning process supported by a professional management system.

– To develop  science and technology which is Innovative, creative, has noble value  through research and teaching activities.

– To improve the ability of the application of science and technology in the field of animal husbandry.


  1. Developing and updating the science of animal husbandry
  2. Solving the issues related on livestock development
  3. Generating research that has a beneficial novelty value for livestock development.
  4. Developing the professional performance in the application of science and technology in the field of animal husbandry.


Master of Livestock Resource Management Is the only Master Program in the field of Animal Husbandry in eastern Indonesia accredited with score A  (SK BAN PT No. I46 / SK / BAN-PT / Akred / M / V / 2014), thus the graduates are often awarded LPDP scholarships  of the Ministry of Finance of Indonesia and BPP-DN and Higher Education.

The educational institutions are expected to be a medium to educate the human character that has a set of knowledge, competencies and skills to be useful in a very drastic change era. The presence of English Education Master Program is aimed at improving the quality of human resources in the global competition in the field of English language education in answering all challenges.

Master Program of  English Education, University of Mataram which focus on the areas of language, education and continuous  English language learning is closely associated with the development of the same disciplines at various universities. In the field of education and learning English, theis program  provide theoretical and practical competence in the development and implementation of active learning, effective, inspiring, innovative and fun. Such educational programs  has been grown at Macquarie University, Deakin University, Monash University (Australia), Massachussetts State University (USA) and Lancaster University (UK). The difference is the Master English Education program, University of Mataram put special attention to the needs and environment of learners in West Nusa Tenggara. In addition, the added value obtained learners in this program is on the aspects of language.

With the distribution of courses designed to the future prospects and the emphasis on quality and the pursuit of primary quality , master graduates of English Language is expected to compete in the field of English language education and to pursue further studies of Doctoral degree both inside and outside the country.


“To become a superior human resources development center in the implementation of research, teaching, and scientific publications in the field of English Language in 2025”


  • To organize and develop a learning process which is interactive, holistic. integrative, scientific, contextual, thematic, effective, and centered at the needs of students.
  • To develop the new, innovative and original ideas in learning English through research and community service and published nationally and lnternational.
  • To improve and develop the literacy skills that include the ability to read, scientific writing skills, and the ability to communicate the results of academic thinking.
  • To generate research products in the field of linguistic, social, and English language education in accordance with the demands of scientific, community needs and priorities of national development, thus the research results are useful for the scientific community of local, regional and national.


  • Tp generate quality graduates who are creative, innovative, integrative, able to develop new and original ideas for the development of education and the teaching of languages, particularly English, through research and scientific forums, and be able to apply of those thoughts to improve the organization of language education.
  • To develop the knowledge and learning of language, especially English, through lectures, research guidance, discussions and scientific forum.
  • To generate professionals in the field of linguistics and English education that is able to develop the performance and professionalism through the sharpness of analysis, skills, integration and scientific communication.

Graduates Competence

  • They are able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills to develop professional practices in the field of English language learning at all educational levels in formal education and non-formal through research and dedication in order to produce innovative work in the form of: (a) the development of English learning materials. (b) identification of the characteristics of learners, (c) the election approaches and learning strategies centered on the circumstances and needs of learners, and (d) management of learning activities that is analytics. interactive, holistic, integrative, contextual scientific, thematic, and effective.
  • They are capable in resolving the problems associated with learning English by using an interdisciplinary approach, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary in the form of: (a) research and development of strategies to solve problems in learning English, (b) the practice of learning to develop the learning skills of learners, c ) the selection of appropriate solutions to tackle the problems in learning English, and (d) the dissemination of good practices through seminars workshops, discussions, and scientific publications to contribute to the development of knowledge and improvement of the practices of learning English.

Curriculum of Master Management can be completed after the students pass a number of courses with a load of 45 credits which is completed in four semesters. Concentration classes opened when the number of student reach a minimum of ten people in one class.

Establishment of Accounting Master Program is intended to meet the demanding needs in accounting, either for government, education and professional.


To become the Master of Accountancy which is recognized by the authorities and excellence in generating graduates who master the knowledge and expertise with in the field of accounting.


  1. To organize a postgraduate education in accounting with an integrated learning system that met the needs of stakeholders
  2. To build an academic atmosphere which support education and research activities
  3. To carry out research that excel in various disciplines of accounting, which will contribute to the development of the science and practice of accounting, as well as the basis for formulating policies and regulations for stakeholders
  4. To carry out community service activities in the field of accounting that is relevant and can be used by the wider community


The main objective in this program is to educate professionals in the field of accounting. The graduates are expected to possess:

  1. Possess a strong competence in the field of accounting and the ability of professional practice
  2. Possess the ability to develop the science of accounting
  3. Possess the ability to think, behave and act as scientists
  4. Mastering science and technology fof accounting to be able to discover, understand, explain and formulate a way of solving the problem.

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