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Academic Administration Bureau, Student Affair, Planning and Information Systems (BAAKPSI) as co-leader are directly responsible to Unram’s Rector. BAAKPSI provides the administrative services in the fields of academic, student affairs, planning and information systems at Unram.  As the agency in charge of student funding issues, BAAKPSI always provides the latest innovations, enhance the professional administrative services, quickly and accurately based technology. It also handles administrative issues ranging from student enrollment until the students completes the degree, and promotes in high-school until release the certificates with technology hologram from cooperation (PT).

BAAKPSI functions as data collector, data processing, and analyzer of which subsequently delivers the data for institutional development to the smallest unit. It is done integral and able to deliver the evaluation and employment report to Rector, Unram units, other parties, and Skip.

As the time goes by, it continuously improved by adding the types of data and the resulting product of BAAKPSI in the form of measured and integrated report of data analysis; thus, that can used in making decision and improve the quality of Unram.

Nowadays, due to the information development which affect impact to the needs of data and information. Therefore, Standard of Operating Procedure Data Processing (SOPPD), Administrative Services, and Information Systems are needed to increase the effectiveness of data and information services of which is based on Management Information Systems (SIM).

Currently, BAAKPSI led by Drs. Muhibbah Nasaruddin, M. Sc. He was born in Central Lombok, on June 23, 1955, graduate of Public School (Sekolah Rakyat) in Ranggagata, Junior High School in Mataram, Senior High School and Undergraduate (S1) in Jogjakarta and Postgraduate (S2) at the University of Twente Nederland in 1996-1997.

BAAKPSI supervises three departments, namely:


The Education and Cooperation Board is responsible for educational administration, research and community service as well as cooperation functioning as implementing of Education and Evaluation, Registration and Statistic Administration, and executing of Cooperation Administration, educational facilities and cooperation. The Education and Cooperation Board is led by Zainal Abidin, SN, M. Si., who was born in Sumbawa April 23, 1996, graduate of Primary and Secondary school in Sumbawa, Senior High School in Mataram and Undergraduate (S1) at University of Mataram, Postgraduate (S2) at Brawijaya University Malang on field of Policy Public Administration in 2000.


Student Affair Board is a unit supervised by BAAKPSI which is responsible for implementing administrative affairs functioning as the implementer of administration in the fields of interest, intellectual, student information, and student welfare services. Student Affair Department is led by Ir. Abdul Faruk, MM. who was born in Bima, on December 31, 1965, graduate of Primary School at Kabilo, junior and senior high school at Maria Wawo, Undergraduate (S1) at Faculty of Agriculture, Muhammadiyah University of Mataram, and Postgraduate (S2) at Unram Faculty of Economics.


Planning and Information System Board is a unit supervised and coordinated by BAAKSI which is responsible for conducting planning administration and Information System functioned as the implementer of Academic  and Physical Administration Planning as well as implementing Administration Information System  by data collection, data processing, and information service. Planning and Information System Department is led by Drs. Tutut Riadi, who was born in Jakarta, on January 28, 1965, graduate of primary school at SD 08 Petang East Jakarta, 1979, junior high school at SMPN 44 East Jakarta, 1982, Senior High School at SMK Kesuma Cakranegara Mataram, 1985, and Undergraduate (S1) Islamic University of Al-Azhar Mataram, 1990.