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The Application of IT System Used As Models

As one of the influential bureau in organizing the management of University of Mataram, Public Administration and Finance bureau (BAUK) supervising:


Staff Division (HRD) assigns to manage the academic and non academic employees both civil servant (PNS) and part-time employees. The services cover discipline and removal, welfare, individual development, data processing and human resources information. In the era of Information Technology, the promotion of lecturers has used Application Services Staff System (SAPK). The application of SAPK based web are due to the availability of accurate and up to date database for planning materials, guidance, development, staff management policy, standardization of staff information system for staff services, efficiency and effectiveness enhancement, transparency and accountability enhancement, good governance application, government public image enhancement, improving cooperation between government agencies and minimizing the staff statistic HRD digital divide.

HRD conducted several innovations including the selection for administrative staff for structural positions. The candidate of employees must follow Leadership Education and Training (Diklatpim) in order to structural position of echelon II, III, and IV. According to Syamsuddin, “before Diklatpim is applied by the government agencies, the patternt that has been previously applied is working period without noticing the capability of each employee”.


Finance Board is a unit supervised and coordinated by Public Administration and Finance Bureau (BAUK) responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating, and controlling the finances. Based on the reform of the State Financial Management, it extends the fundamental changes in Unram BAUK that is the publication of the decree of Financial Minister on the establishment of Unram as government agencies applying the financial management of Public Service Agencies (BLU). By BLU Financial Management, Unram is able to directly use non tax national income (PNBP) without funds deposit into the account of the State Treasury, this pattern is able to optimize the services to faculties, institutes, and technical service (UPT).

The application of Management Information System is coordinated by financial staff. According to Drs. H. Syamsuddin, M. Sc., all the financial staff of BAUK is reliable, both in term of IT (Information Technology) knowledge and accounting. Nowadays, there are 39 of financial staffs of BAUK.

Financial reporting system used is SAKPA application (Financial Accounting System of Budget User), the SAKPA application provides the financial data, revenue and expenditure contributing to the preparation of Budget Realization Report (LRA) while Academic Information System BMN records and manages all asset and inventory (part of current assets).


Public, Law, Management, and Equipment Board serves the stakeholder in terms of administration, law and management, household, equipment, administrative provision through processes based IT that is Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE).

Initially, the Electronic Procurement Service (LPSE) is an e-procurement system (electronic procurement) developed by LKPP (Governmental Goods and Services Procurement Institution). LPSE system is developed with free license base in order to apply to all government agencies in Indonesia.

In further development, LPSE is defined as an implementation unit facilitating the Committee or Procurement Services Unit (ULP) in the e-procurement of goods or services. LPSE itself operates e-

procurement system called SPSE (Electronic Procurement System) developed by (LKPP). However, LPSE is generally defined as e-procurement system where the application and implementation unit are availible.

Several innovations have been conducted in the fields of Law and Management. According

to the duty and its function, BAUK conducts law product needed by Unram, related to campus management. In addition, law counseling service is conducted in order to aid UNRAM academia facing the law problems.

The services of BAUK such as relating to student affair, the official house provision in UNRAM, and the other applicable law dealing with management campus. Recently, BAUK is composing the senate system for Unram in order to increase senate members’ discipline.

BAUK will design the Central Utility Monitoring System expected to be able to control the water supply, electricity, and telephone comprehensively in UNRAM campus. However, the problem that will be faced in using monitoring system of power or electricity is there is a few units conduct the meter separation of water and electricity.

The other field paying special attention is in the archival matters. It is managed by sub section of BAUK administration based on the Ministry of National Education regulation toward the development of archives by forming the independent unit or University Archive. The development needs to be realized because the urgent matter, while the problem is lack of place for University Archive building construction. Temporally, it will use the library rooms.