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  • Utilization of Local-Farming Resources to Strengthen the Adaptability of Dry Land Farmers in Lombok to Climate Change
  • Castor-Based Intercropping Technology As An Adaptation Strategy To Climate Change In Jerowaru, East Lombok
  • Mango Off-Season Technology (MOST): Innovative, Applicable, Adaptive to Climate Change, and Brings Many Positive Impacts
  • Analysis Of Variability And Climate Change On The Agroclimate Suitability And Projection Of Soybean Productivity In The West Nusa Tenggara Province
  • Near Infrared Technology For Rapid Measuring And Mapping Soil Carbon And Other Soil Properties
  • Sesbania on rice bunds – a best practice on cattle feed supply system in Lombok
  • The Use Of Near Infrared Spectrsocopy For Measuring Of Carbon Conentration In Soil And Biochar, And Root Density
  • Integration of Dryland Agriculture with Cattle as Adaptation to Climate Change to Increase Farmers’ Household Income In East Lombok
  • Healthy Farming Model: Applicative On Farm Level and Adaptive To Climate Change
  • The Use of of Sprinkle Big Gun and Gravitation Irrigation Methods for Watering Food Crops in Two Contrasting Soil Properties of Dryland in North and East Lombok Island
  • The Use Of Sunhemp (Clotalaria Juncea L) In Crop Rotation For Sustainable Rice And Virginia Tobaco Production In Lombok Island
  • Leucaena Based Cattle Feeding In the Dry Areas of Sumbawa as An Adaptation Strategy To Climate Change

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