Mataram, Universitas Mataram

Dharma Wanita Persatuan Universitas Mataram (DWP Unram) in collaboration with UP-MBKM IKU Unram held a Millennial Snack Cooking Contest Made from Local Food at the Lobby of the Unram Rectorate on Saturday (3/12).

The Chairman of DWP Unram, Hj. Agustin Rahmawati Bambang Hari Kusumo explained that this activity was intended to explore the creativity and innovation of processing various local foods in West Nusa Tenggara. He also mentioned that currently the government has formed university for food security along the Rector of Universitas Mataram who is appointed as the coordinator of food security for the Bali and Nusa Tenggara regions, where one of the programs is the development of local food and increasing the creativity of local food processing to suit the tastes of the current millennial generation.

“Through this contest, we want to increase the creativity of local food so that the availability of local food will replace the use of imported foodstuffs,” said Agustin.

Furthermore, the Chairman of the Committee, Embun Suryani, Ph.D. said that this cooking contest was attended by 36 participants from various part of the university. All participants showed their best by serving processed snacks made from local food with creative and innovative dishes. He hopes that this event can explore the potentials of young people to be creative in creating various locally made processed foods that are in demand by millennials.

“It is hoped that it can create business potential and form new SMEs, so that in the future the form of prizes for winners is in the form of coaching capital to develop the business,” said Embun.

In the competition, the 1st place winner gets a cash prize of Rp 5,000,000, the 2nd place gets Rp3,000,000, the 3rd place gets Rp2,000,000, and the Favorite Champion gets Rp1,000,000.