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Mataram University provides sports facilities to meet all the needs of the academic community, students, faculty, staff and the general public. Through sport, it is expected that the nature of sportsmanship in a family atmosphere is able to be created, as well as a conducive environment for academic activities on campus. The sports facilities available at the University of Mataram are consisting of:

  • Football field
  • Volleyball Field
  • Badminton court
  • Martial Arts
  • Table tennis

In addition to the sports facilities, the University of Mataram also have facilities such as adequate College Building, Laboratory, Library, Technical Services Units, Auditorium Building, Cultural Arena, Hospital, Language Center, Center for Information Technology and Communications. University Press, Musholla and the Mosque.
Users of sports facilities is not limited to Mataram University of academicians, but also from various circles of the general public, both corporately and individually. Time usage of the facilities are also very varied, ranging from routine to the incidental use that depends on the needs and the availability of facilities.

One of the important facilities that support the academic activities of the University of Mataram is a Student dormitory. Mataram University student dormitories have more than 100 rooms which divided into two buildings. Currently, student dormitories can accommodate more than 200 students from various regions in Indonesia. Student dormitory is also expected to refresh the atmosphere of the campus of the University of Mataram.

Thus, more mutual understanding, solidarity and social sensitivity among academicians are expected to occured. The purpose of the construction of student dormitories, among others, as a place for student to be intelligent, critical, open-minded, creative, productive, appreciate the time, having good morals and positive in academic activity.