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Assist to Promote the Local and International Culture

Unram Technical Service Unit (UPT) Language and Culture Center was previously known as Unram UPT of Language Center. The unit is expected to help the students’ mastery of foreign language in terms of counter-balancing the academic mastery in science and technology. Students should be encouraged at the early stage to be able to communicate and express their ideas in foreign language. In the culture side, this unit is responsible for preserving the quality of local culture and the introduction of international culture inside and outside Unram.

With motto “leading to the Global Competitions,” Language self-Center provides language and culture service. Foreign language training is performed in order to support the fundamental duty of institute in services, training, the development of foreign language mastery, and the service of public needs. The system of foreign language training and its management is developed effectively and efficiently by using information technology and communication. In addition, it conducts applied linguistic research and cooperates in terms of language training with other institutions in country and abroad.

The other activities conducted by the Language self-Center are; to promote the potency of local culture to society and international. It also introduces the international culture as Unram effort; to be a University with global insight; to develop the particular fields including art and management by cooperating with relevance institutions.

Nowadays, there are several services conducted, such as CPT (the placement test for English course learners), UNRAM FEEL (preparing for TOEFL test), ITP TOEFL (Institution TOEFL Provider), and UNRAM Proficiency Test Level 1 and level 2 (preparing test for IELTS and TOEIC).