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Information plays important roles in human civilization development along with Science and Technology (IPTEK) Development. The availability of information centers which is easily accessible is the key to advance and to develop the quality.

Unram’s library is as the source of information and science keeps trying to improve the service quality and quantity. The information and science can be used by campus society. Therefore, they can be the pioneer of the advancement and quality improvement of human’s lives.

All textbooks, handbooks, campuses, encyclopedia in Unram’s library can be used by academia. It is also provides audio-visual collection, such as sound cassette, slide, video cassette, micro-film and micro-fiche with its supporting hard and software. They are provided in order to increase the knowledge, learning process, and to produce the graduate based on the public needs.

There is also cooperation with BNI 46 in terms of potency development and increasing the service quality.