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UPT. Unram Press is a technical unit developing Mataram University through publishing the lecturers’ scientific papers or journal into books and also helping the university in providing  printed materials needed. In accordance with the characteristic within, this unit is as publisher and printing. The services provided by MUP are photocopy, bindery, printing all kinds of printed materials. Nowadays, MUP has successfully published….. books.

The vision is to build and develop University Press sustaining the implementation of Three Duties of Higher Education. The mission is; (1) to help the development of Mataram University by publishing the scientific papers and journal into books. (2) as supporting element, this unit  aids the implementation of Three Duties of Higher Education by printing the printed materials needed in Unram environment.

MUP is developed to serve the printing need outside Unram by adding several facilities, such as printing machine, photocopy machine, electrical silk sreening machine, and other supporting equipments.  The advancement and development of MUP is expected to fulfill the need of various printing and to publish the secientifics books, especially in Mataram University environment and generally, in other institutions outside Unram with national and international standard. On eventually, MUP can be a good revenue generating resources.