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Good cooperation with various stakeholders is a necessity for the advancement of an institution. So is the case with University of Mataram where many cooperation with domestic and overseas institutions are conducted. Based on the background and work program of the Rector of Unram, Office of International Affairs (OIA) was established in May 2011 to especially handle Unram’s global cooperation.

“Building bridges” is the slogan of OIA Unram. It aims to be widely known internationally through good and effective cooperation and collaborative efforts with overseas institutions. The tasks of OIA Unram are to formulate and promote the potentials of Unram in education and research, to develop and improve the effectiveness of overseas cooperation, as well as to extend on international networking.

Prior to the establishment of OIA Unram, many Memorandum of Understandings had been signed but remained idle. In the short time from its conception, OIA Unram has handled a few international cooperation with Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, England, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Resulting from these collaborations among others are the establishment of joint research and research centers, joint seminar/workshop, and visiting researchers and lecturers to and from Unram. Further expected outcomes are student exchange, joint supervision, exchange of academic staff, non-degree training, scientific exchange material, and curriculum development, to name a few.

Apart from cooperating with educational institutions, Unram also conducts cooperation in research with some overseas research institution such as with MIMOS (Malaysia), RIKEN (Japan), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), Ranaco Education & Training Institute, Societe des Chemins de or Francais International (France), Project for Research and Education Development on ICT in UNRAM (PREDICT-UNRAM) (Japan), The institute Geochemistry and mineralogy Karlsruhe (Germany), Enitiaa-Nantes (France), The State of Queensland acting through the Moreton Institute of TAFE (Australia), Infrastructure Development Institute (IDI) Japan, SOAS London University, Korea, and The Philippines.

Increased international interest in Unram is reflected by the significant increase in the number of international students studying in Unram. In 2009, there were no fewer than 75 international students studying and training in Unram. They come from various countries on five continents. They come from Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Dutch, Sudan, Aljazair, Senegal, Madagaskar, Ethiopia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Timor Leste. This number is expected to increase in the future through Unram’s on-line promotion.

The networking between Unram with several overseas institutions has given many advantages, one of them is the increased interest from academic personnel of Unram to join masters and doctoral program overseas. This in turn is hoped to increase the quality standard of teaching staff in Unram.

The development of global education also influences the growth of new educational programs such as twinning program, double degree program, sandwich program, sit-in program, articulation program, and other programs. OIA Unram wishes to spearhead global education in Unram through conducting its programs on increasing the language capability of Unram’s academic staff and students, and by exposing Unram through positive global influences.