Mataram, Universitas Mataram –Unit of Counselling Guidance and Career Development (UPT. BKPK) held a partner meeting to strengthen cooperation between partners who are also alumni of the Universitas  Mataram (Unram). The activity was successfully held on Tuesday (6/12) at the Sky Lounge, Golden Palace.

Representing the Rector of Unram, Prof. Dr. Ir. Enny Yuliani, M.Si as Vice Rector for Student affairs and Alumni of Unram, really appreciated the activities carried out by UPT. The BKPK. “Of course, this activity is very important to do and discuss together,” he said.

“The University of Mataram seeks to increase access to higher education, one of which is through a scholarship program,” continued Prof. Enny. The scholarships referred to are KIP-K Scholarships for Bidikmisi students, Bank Indonesia scholarships, Baitul Maal Foundation (YBM) BRI scholarships, and other scholarships.

In line with the program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemdikbudristek), Unram continues to strive in developing the number of graduates who are competitive and competent. The Vice Rector 3 of Unram said that universities are measured on 8 Key Performance Index (IKU), one of which is creating graduates who are able to create jobs.

“In addition to producing graduates, they must also create an entrepreneurship. Mataram University graduates certainly have the opportunity to work,” said Prof. Enny in the Sky Lounge room.

In addition, many industrial companies have programs to encourage skilled Human Resources (HR) education, namely through programs created by the Ministry of Education and Culture to improve the quality of graduates so that they can be absorbed in the business world and the industrial world.

“This condition puts universities in a position where universities always have to keep up with economic and technological developments. While on the other hand, they must prepare graduates who have a soul and have the ability to be independent,” explained Prof. Enny. Therefore, he really hopes that many of his partners can realize the ideas made by the government.

In this activity, the Vice Rector for Cooperation Planning and Information Systems of Unram, Yusron Saadi, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D, Dr. H. Edy Herianto, M.Ed. as the Implementing Unit of MBKM Unram was also present, explaining the development of the implementation of MBKM Unram. Head of UPT. BKPK, Pujiarohman, S.Psi., M.Psi. explained about the profile of UPT graduates and work programs. BKPK.

The External Facilitator who also gave material at the Partner Meeting was Nuryanti, S.E., M.E as the Head of the NTB Industry Office explained the needs of the business world and the industrial world. And the submission related to alumni user satisfaction was presented by H. Faurani, SE., MBA. who is the Chairman of the NTB Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) NTB.