Mataram, Universitas Mataram – More than a thousand academics throughout Universitas Mataram participated in the Monthly Briefing with the Rector as inspector,  Monday (5/12). The briefing ceremony is the last monthly ceremony  held in 2022.

Rector of Universitas Mataram (Unram), Prof. Ir. Bambang Hari Kusumo, M.Agr.St., Ph.D. became the Inspector of  the monthly briefing with all academics staffs. Rector conveyed several things related to the benchmark of success according to the Supervisory Board of the Unram Public Service Agency (BLU), specifically in the budget performance/spending and the achievement of Key Performance Indicators (IKU).

“The first is about budget performance. Alhamdulillah, Universitas Mataram is now in the 2nd place out of 35 State Universities of the Public Service Agency (BLU). Usually we are in the 20s, in history we have already carved out our successes in the 2nd place. Hopefully by the end of the year we can still maintain this,” he said.

The second, he continued, was the achievement of IKU, including encouraging foreign join cooperation. “For foreign cooperation, the visit to Japan has been successful, there is one person continue S3 (doctorate) at Nagoya University. As well as Russian cooperation, we will develop some research with those we have already agreed upon. The visit to Seoul National University also paid off, soon we will create a centre for smart cities. Soon they will come, we will strengthen the cooperation again. Cooperation with France has a consortium,” said Rector Unram to the entire academic community who were attend the morning briefing.

“God willing, our trip abroad will not be in vain,” he said.

Prof. Bambang revealed that this trip is a journey to carry out the task of carrying out the vision and mission of Unram, becoming a research-based and internationally competitive university. “It is impossible for us to do it just by staying silent, We must open the widest possible cooperation with various universities in the world,” he said in the field of the Unram Rectorate.

“In 2023/2024, we call it The Year of Acceleration,” said Rector Unram.

“There are 3 accelerations that we will achieve together, firstly the acceleration of IKU achievement, the second acceleration of accreditation and the third acceleration in order to prepare PTN-BH,” he concluded.