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1 Mursal Ghazali,M.P Macro alga biology
2 RinaKurnianingsih, M.Si Plant Biotechnology
3 Aluh Nikmatullah, Ph.D Plant Physiology & olecular Biology
4 Dr. ret.ret. L. Rudyat Telly Savalas Microbe-host interaction
5 Dr. L. Zulkifli Biotechnology
6 Dr. Prapti Sedijani Plant Biology
7 Sri Puji Astuti, M,Si Biological Sciences
8 Nur Indah Julisaniah, M.Si Plant Biology

  1. Macro alga and seagrasses (Diversity, Molecular systematic, physiology andbiotechnology)
  2. Micro alga Diversity and Biotechnology
  3. Plant Physiology and Biotechnology abiotic and biotic stresses
  4. Microbes and host interractions
Base: Laboratorium Immunobiologi Fak. MIPAUnram(Level II)
Group Leader : Prof. Ir. Sunarpi,Ph.D (Professor in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry )

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Source of Hydrocolloid (Agar, Carrageenan, Alginate) = 40 species

Plant growth promoting (growth analysis, nutrient content and plant growth promoting substances by HPLC) = 20 species

UV absorbance and protection from cell death (analysis using HeLa cells)

Unram Has Molecular Buology Laboratory