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  1. Research Interests in The Faculty of Food Science and Agroindustrial Technology
    • Food Technology
      Ir. Zainuri, M.App., Sc., Ph.d (email:
      Ir. Abbas Zaini, MP (email:
      Ir. I Wayan Sweca Yasa, M.Si(email:
      Yeni Sulastri, S.TP., M.Si.(email:
      Rucitra Widyasari, S.TP., M.Si. (email:
      Rini Nofrida, S.TP., M.Si. (email:
      Arif Nasrullah, LC., M.Hum (email:
      Taufikul Hadi, ST., M. Eng (email:
      1 2013 The Effectiveness of Ozone Technology in the Quality Improvement of Lombok Local Mango “Gedong Gincu”
      2 2013 Effectivity of Ozone Technology to Degrade the Metal Contamination and Pathogens Bacteria in Order to Maintain the Quality of Lombok’s Kangkung
      3 2014 Quality Evaluation and Shelf  Life Determination of Local Food Product
      4 2015 Mocaf Bread’s Quality “Formulation and Dough’s Making Method”
    • Food Nutrision
      Prof. Ir. Eko Basuki, M.App., Sc., Ph.D. (email:
      Ir. Agustono Prarudiyanto, MS (email:
      Ir. Ahmad Alamsyah, MP (email:
      Dr. Ir. Satrijo Saloko, M.P. (email:
      Dody Handito, S.TP., M.Sc. (email:
      Siska Cicilia, S.TP., M.Sc. (email:
      Novia Rahayu,S.TP., M.Sc. (email:
      Suburi Rahman, S.TP., M.P.(email:
      1 2014 Chemical and Organoleptic Characteristics of Filtering Used Cooking Oil with the Addition of Vitamin E
      1 2015 Characteristic of “Romo Tipro” that Enriced with Tempeh Flour
    • Microbiology and Food Safety
      Prof. Ir. Sri Widyastuti, M.App. Sc., Ph.D(email:
      Ir. Nazaruddin, M.P
      Ir. Baiq Rien Handayani, M. Si., Ph.D(email:
      Wiharyani Werdiningsih, SP., M. Si (email:
      Mutia Devi Ariyana, S.Si., M.P(email:
      Moegiratul Amaro, S.TP., M.P., M.Sc. (email:
      1 2013 Level of Benzopyrene on Marination Process Using Liquid Smoke on Roasted Ayam Taliwang
      2 2013 Phenolic Contains on Roasted Ayam Taliwang
      3 2013 Study of Liquid Smoke Application as a Natural Preservatives on Roasted Ayam Taliwang as West Nusa Tenggara Traditional Food
      4 2014 Study of Fermentation Process Using  Submerged System on Several Quality Components of Cassava Sawut
      5 2015 Addition of Carrageenan Hydrocolloid to Improve Bread’s Quality, Safety and Shelf-life
  2. Studies Program of Agricultural Engineering.
    1. Agricultural Power and Machinery
      Asih Priyati, S.TP.,M.Sc. (email:
      Sirajuddin Haji Abdullah, S.TP.,MP. (email:
      Guyup Mahardhian Dwi Putra, S.TP.,M.Si. (email:
      Surya Abdul Mutallib, S.TP.,M.Sc. (email:
      Diah Ajeng Setiawati, ST.,MES. (email:
      Agriananta Fahmi Hidayat,ST.,M.MT. (email:
      1 2013 Design and Test Performance of Solar Panel for Heating Fish at Shore Side
      2 2013 Utilization of Castor Oil on Combustion Process of Direct Injection System as Energy Source Supply at Crops Drying
      3 2015 Effect of Dough’s Mixing Velocity on Bread ‘s Physical Characteristic
    2. Bioprocess Engineering
      Rahmat Sabani, S.TP.,MP. (email:
      Dr.Eng. Sukmawaty,S.TP.,M.Si. (email:
      Murad, SP.,MP. (email:
      Dr. Ansar, S.Pd.,MP.,M.Pd. (email:
      Hary Kurniawan, S.TP.,M.Sc. (email:
      1 2013 White Copra Drying on Tray Dryer using Solar Energy
      2 2014 Characteristic and Simulation of Hydrolic Control System on Pressing Process of Castor Bean (Ricinus Communis L.)
      3 2014 Drying of Pecan Seed on Batch Type Furnance based on Pecan Seed Sheels as Fuel
      4 2015 Utilization of Fluidized Bed Technology at Cattle Feed based on Locally Material and Waste
      5 2015 Effect of Dough’s Mixing Velocity on Bread’s Physical Characteristic
      6 2015 Drying of White Copra on Tray Dryer using Solar Energy phase II
      7 2015 Test Performance of Cone Type Dryer on Sale Banana Drying Process
      8 2015 Enhancement of Markisa Effervescent Granule Product Technology as Superior Export Oriented Product


1 Maternal and Pediatrics Health dr. Putu Aditya Wiguna (Coordinator) Factors Influenced of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Mataram
dr. Eva Triani, M.Ked. Trop.
dr. Rifana Cholidah, M. Sc
dr. Wahyu Sulistya Affarah Prevalency of Diarrhoe and Scabies in School-age Children in West Lombok
dr. Lina Nurbaiti
dr. Devi Rahmadona
dr. Ika Primayanti
dr. Ni Made Reditya
dr. Ketut Wilmayani
dr. Mayuarsih Kartika
dr. Rika Hastuti S, M.Kes
dr. Lale Maulin Prihatina
2 Infectious and Tropical Disease dr. E Hagni Wardoyo, Sp. MK (PIC) Antibiotic Resistancy Profile in West Nusa Tenggara Hospital
Prof. Mulyanto • A nationwide molecular epidemiological study on hepatitis B virus in indonesia : Identificaton of two novel subgenotypes, B8 and C7
• Identification of four novel subgenotypes (C13-C16) and two inter-genotypic recombinants (C12/G and C13/B3) of Hepatitis B Virus in papua Province Indonesia
• Analysis of the full length genomes of novel Hepatitis virus subgenotypes C11 and C12 in papua,Indonesia
dr. Yunita Sabrina, Ph.D • Cloning and expression of ESAT6 recombinant protein for development of Tuberculosis Diagnostic
• Amplification, cloning and Expression of pETMtb72f recombinant plasmid as candidate vaccine against Tuberculosis
• Developing the Prototype of Tuberculosis Vaccine
• Preliminary research for production of human monoclonal antibody Anti-MSP119 for immunotherapy and rapid diagnostic test
• Characterization of Malaria Protein Based Recombinant Vaccine
• The Incidence of Malnutrition in School-age Children in Mataram
dr. Dewi Suryani, M.InfectDis • Cloning and expression of ESAT6 recombinant protein for development of Tuberculosis Diagnostic
dr. Rika Hastuti S, M.Kes
dr. Rina Lestari, Sp.P
dr. Ima Arum Lestarini, M.Si.Med., Sp.PK
dr. Hamsu Kadriyan, Sp. THT.
dr. Dedianto Hidajat, Sp.KK
dr. Yunita Hapsari, Sp. KK
dr. Marie Yuni Andari, SpM
dr. Eva Triani, M.Ked. Trop.
dr. IK Gerudug, MPH
dr. M. Ghalvan Sahidu
dr. Prima Belia Fathana
dr. Muthia Cenderadewi
dr. Lale Maulin Prihatina
3 Trauma and Emergency Dr. Arief Zuhan, Sp.B (PIC)
dr. Erwin Kresnoadi, Sp. An
dr. Doddy Ario Kumboyo, Sp.OG (K)
dr. Pandu Ishaq Nandana, Sp.U
dr. Hadian Rahman
dr. Marie Yuni Andari, SpM
dr. Akhada Maulana, SpU
dr. Januarman
4 Nutrition and Metabolism dr. Rifana Cholidah, M.Sc (PIC) Anemia Prevalency in Breastfed Infant in West Lombok
dr. Seto Priyambodo, M.Sc
dr. Ima Arum Lestarini, Sp.PK Anemia Prevalency of Junior High School Student in North Lombok
dr. Ardiana Ekawanti, M.Kes Screening of Iodine Urine Level of Children in Lombok
dr. Ida Ayu Eka Widiastuti, M. Fis
dr. Dedianto Hidayat, Sp.KK
Siti Rahmatul Aini, S.F., Apt
dr. Lina Nurbaiti
5 Degenerative Disease and Neoplasm dr. Harman Juniadi, Sp. Onk
dr. Yusra Pintaningrum, Sp.JP
dr. Novrita Padauleng, M. Sc
dr. M. Rizki, SpPK
dr. Joko Anggoro, Sp.PD
dr. Ommy Agustriadi, Sp.PD
dr. Basuki Rahmat, SpJP
dr. Akhada Maulana, SpU
dr. Nurhidayati, M. Kes Antimytotic potency of Bulu Babi
dr. Fathul Jannah, Sp.PA
dr. Isna Nintyastuti, Sp. M
dr. Monalisa Nasrul, Sp. M
dr. Devi Rahmadhona
dr. Rina Lestari, Sp.P
6 Forensic dan Medicolegal dr. Arfi Syamsun, SpF (PIC)
dr. Ardiana Ekawanti, M.Kes
dr. Bambang Priyanto, Sp.BS
dr. Arif Zuhan, Sp. B
dr. Nurhidayati, M. Kes
dr. Yunita Sabrina, M. Sc., Ph.D
dr.Hadian Rahman
dr. Januarman
7 Medical Education dr. Dian Puspitasari (PIC)
dr. M.Rizki, M.Pd. Ked
dr. Yoga Pamungkas Susani
dr. Ida Ayu Eka Widiastuti, M.Fis
dr. Dewi Suryani, M.Infect.Dis
dr. E. Hagni Wardoyo, Sp. MK
Pujiarrohman, M. Psi


No. Field Study of Scientific Research Group Head of Research Group E-MAIL
1 Physics Education and Technology Dr. Gunawan, M.Pd
2 Enviromental Studies Drs. H. Khairuddin, M.Eng
3 Theoritical and Applied Physics Dr. Aris Doyan, M.Si
4 Study of Chemistry and its Application in Learning Prof. Drs. Agus Abhi Purwoko, M.Sc.,Ph.D
5 Development of Multicultural Education and Social Integration Dr. Hamidsyukrie ZM, M.Hum
6 Development of Character Education and Innovation Civics Dr. Edy Herianto, M.Ed
7 Humanities and Local Wisdom Dr. Syafruddin.M.S
8 Assessement and Development of The Field of The Elementarry Study Drs. Syafruddin, M.Pd
9 The Curriculum Review of The Elementary School Ida Ermiana, M.Pd
10 Mathematics Education Dr. Nyoman Sridana
11 Combinatorics and Applied Dr. Amrullah, M.Si
12 Bio Education Pro. Dr. H. A. Wahab Jufri, M.Sc
13 The Study of the Arts and Culture of the Elementary School Dr. IBK Gunayasa, M.Hum
14 Study of Charity Guidance and Development in Elementary School Dr. H. A. Hari Witono, M.Pd
15 The Study of the Elementary School Management Dr. Sudirman, M.Pd
16 Development Studies, Intelligence and Character Education Drs. I Nyoman Suarta, M.Si
17 Biotechnology (Microbiology) Prof. Dr. Hj. Dwi Soelistya DJ., M.Kes
18 Innovation Learning English, Indonesia Dr. Sudirman Wilian, MA
19 English, Indonesian, and Nusatenggara Drs. I Nyoman Sudika, M.Hum
20 English, Indonesian, and Nusatenggara Literature Drs. Marii, M.Si
21 Bioecology Prof. Dr. H. Agil Al Idrus, M.Si
22 Community Linguistics English, Indonesia and Nusatenggara (Applied Linguistik) Drs. Kamaluddin Yusra, MA., Ph.D