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Students hostel is one of the important facilities in campus. Nowadays, UNRAM has……..rooms occupied by ……… students from various places in Indonesia. In providing a comfort, the previous hostel needs to be decorated interior and exterior; thus, it can be a new hostel for more occupants. Currently, Unram Students’ Hostel opens a registration for new occupants.

The decoration of facilities mentioned above will be realized, considering that UNRAM has a commitment to provide the temporal dwelling place for students with a better quality and achievable fee. Nonetheless, the point is the students can rapidly adapt with campus environment.

Moreover, the hostel is expected to invigorate the campus atmosphere; hence, the communication among academia can be intense, apprehensive, friendship and sensitive.

The primary objectives of constructing the students’ hostel are to build the educated, smart, critical, open-minded, creative, productive, punctual, and polite students.