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University Symbol

University of Mataram has the symbol in the form of a lotus, consisting of leaves flanking the flower buds on a tray surrounded by the writings of the University of Mataram in a shaded pentagon. The details and the meaning of the symbol are as follow:

  1. Lotus leaves as many as 63 (sixty-three) symbolizes the commencement of the University of Mataram. Stemmed as many as twelve symbolizes its month of commencement.
  2. Lotus flower buds flanked by leaf symbolizes science that fostered and developed in the University of Mataram.
  3. Green leaves symbolizing science that fostered and developed filled by hope. The students as learners at the University of Mataram are in their fresh state, ready to accept education.
  4. Lotus flower buds that are pink symbolizes science devoted to students as learners with a sense of affection, like the love of a mother (the alma mater) for her child.
  5. The leaf and lotus flower buds are placed in a black tray. The tray symbolizes the university as a giver of life and science. The black color symbolizes the nature of science.
  6. The bottom and the top of the tray which each illustrated duplex symbolize the two islands of Lombok and Sumbawa Island into a single entity called West Nusa Tenggara.
  7. University of Mataram circular Writing outside the red lotus leaf implies Mataram University carry out its duties as an institution of higher education with a strong will.
  8. Shaded pentagon , bordered by a black line as a boundary around the emblem symbolizes the philosophy of Pancasila which is the basis of education.
  9. The middle of a lotus flower buds form of a dome, symbolizing the spiritual nature of science that nurtured and developed by the University of Mataram. Black color lines encircling the dome symbolizes the eternal of science.