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The availability of Technical Service Unit of Technology, Information and Computer Centre (UPT PUSTIK) of Unrama is a must in the development of technology information. Therefore, “our primary duty is to develop the backbone (network) for all Unram building”, said Dr. Dedy Suhendra, the chief of UPT PUSTIK.

Due IT is very important in a campus; PUSTIK always tries to increase the bandwidth capacity in order to accelerate the access. “We expect PUSTIK can increase its bandwidth”.

Initially, the bandwidth is 4 mbps in 2009, in 2010 it increased 10 mbps and 40 mbps in 2011. Nowadays, the access speed planned to be one gigabyte and more with operator network PT. INTERLINK TELKOM. The purpose of enhancement is to support the development of Unram as a prominent university in east Indonesia.

PUSTIK provides the network to every building in Unram but the management is regulated by the Information Technology staff in each building.

Besides provides the network service, UPT PUSTIK also develops Management Information System (SIM) for academic purpose, financial, staffing, inventory and operational needs in Unram. Web hosting has been provided for Unram Units with the service of creating web but the content and layout depend on the user.  Furthermore, PUSTIK has been preparing a system for students’ fee by using three banks and students allow to choose which bank that will be used.

PUSTIK is frequently used by apprentice students of other colleges and asked to manage the admin and network in several places, such as network training in vocational school.