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Prof. Dr. H. Lalu Husni SH. M. Hum

The Rector

Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Mataram commencing 1 Januari 2011

Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb.

First of all, let us pray praises Allah SWT on His divine help and guidance. Furthermore, Peace be upon us are extended to the Prophet Muhammad, hopefully we can take a lesson from his life. amen.

Since starting the dream as a university-based research and international competitiveness based on piety, self-reliance, and intellectualisation, University of Mataram realize that the institutions will start a new chapter. Chapter that is full of challenges and should be managed with a modern and professional management by upholding the ethics of academic, religious, moral, social, and cultural. To realize such achievement, efforts to develop academic, academic support infrastructure facilities, as well as the sincerity and hard work in the work and the work would be crucial that continues to be driven, even it is expected to be a culture to the academicians at the University of Mataram.

As Rector, I realize that a great dream is also to be supported by the data collection system accurate information, detail, scalable, and integrated. If not, then everything done by the university would not be well documented. As a result, we will have difficulty if you want to explain the information about the university to the academic community and the public. In addition, the information data collection system has also become one of the tools to bridge the academic community in viewing the university as a representative.

The  profile book of University of Mataram in 2015 is one manifestation of the University of Mataram in providing integrated information for the academic community, especially students. Although the information therein is not fully shelled out into the catalog, but at least there is an attempt to explain more thoroughly about University of Mataram.

This book contains the institutional administrative requirements surrounding the University of Mataram, ranging from the symbol and meaning; hymns, marches and launch; photo former Rector, heads; vision and mission; officials and members of the senate. Internal Audit Unit (IAU); Bureau officials Academic, Student Affairs and Planning  and the General Affairs and finance.

Furthermore, this profile takes us on a brief history of the University of Mataram, profile Research Institute (Research Center), Institute of Community Services and development agencies Education, Technical Executive Unit ie Library, Center for Technology, Information and Computer,  Language Center.

Information regarding both general and specific academy presented on Education and Teaching. In this section we will recognize a variety of academic rules in force at the University of Mataram, as well as in the Faculty / Graduate Program (PPS). Whilst this book outlines the activities of students and university facilities and infrastructure in the form of pictures along with narration and explanation. As this book Closing featuring networking and partners include the University of Mataram photos Mataram University official working visit. This book deserves our appreciation, especially in the tireless efforts the parties involved in it. I hope this information can be useful for the entire academic community of the University of Mataram. If there are flaws in this book, it is expected that the advice and constructive criticism for the perfection of the next edition. Finally, I would like to thank all those who have helped the making of this profile book. I hope the idea of Manent volant scripta – something written to be immortal, while anything orally will be gone with the wind – can be life meanders of Mataram University academic community. amen.