Universitas Mataram has a symbol in the form of a 5 (five) gold-yellow lotus flower with yellow (code #FFD700) color code surrounded by black lines, inside there is a red UNIVERSITAS inscription on the top and a red MATARAM inscription on the bottom, 2 (two) dark green lotus leaves with 31 (thirty-one) and 2 (two) light green lotus bones each totaling 5 (five) pieces, Lotus flower buds are in the form of a pink dome circled by a black stripe, and a black 2 (two) stacked dulang as a container of leaves and flower buds.

The meaning of the emblem as referred to in paragraph (1) is as follows:

  • The 5 (five) lotus flower has the meaning of Pancasila as the basis for the philosophy of education
  • The writing of MATARAM UNIVERSITY in red means UNRAM carries out its duties as a higher education institution with a strong will
  • 2 (two) dark green lotus leaves with 31 (thirty-one) serrations each so that there are 62 (sixty-two) meaning the year of birth of UNRAM
  • The light green lotus leaf bones are 6 (five) pieces each so that as many as 10 (ten) have the meaning of the moon reassigned UNRAM;
  • Lotus flower buds in the form of domes have the meaning of spiritual and scientific properties that are fostered and developed in the UNRAM environment;
  • Dulang with 2 (two) arrangements has the meaning of UNRAM as a forum for giving life and collecting knowledge;
  • The color black on dulang has the meaning of the nature of science;
  • The lower part and the top of the dulang are each described as arranged in 2 (two) has the meaning of 2 (two) islands, namely Lombok Island and Sumbawa Island into a single unit called Nusa
    West Southeast;
  • The line encircling the black dome has the eternal meaning of the sanctity of science; and
  • Yellow color has the meaning of well-being.

Logo Universitas Mataram