Affairs has an important role in the sustainability of the university. Thus, Universitas Mataram strives to prepare the best generation who are globally competitive, through student programs that support the interests and potential of students. As well as providing other support that can cultivate various important characters that students must have. In this section, various support programs provided by Universitas Mataram will be presented to students, both internally and externally organized programs.


Before starting campus life, students are allowed to get to know the campus first. Introduction to Campus Life for New Students, hereinafter abbreviated as PKKMB, is an agenda of activities carried out during the orientation period or introduction of the campus environment to new students before officially starting lectures or campus activities. This aims to grow students’ understanding of the vision and mission of the campus, so as to achieve the expected goals.

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Student Organizations

Student Organizations have an important role in the educational process at Universitas Mataram. The active role of students through organizations is expected to be able to increase the development of students’ personal interests and talents. The Student Organization also aims to develop the positive character needed in life. So that students will be ready to face the times. Student organizations are spread from the university, faculty, to study program levels.



A number of programs were formed to support students from various walks of life in accessing education, one of which was in the form of scholarships. Various scholarship schemes and tuition fee assistance are offered for students, so as to provide opportunities to get an education opinion at Universitas Mataram.

List of Scholarships

Student Achievements

The excellence of Universitas Mataram is inseparable from the main role of students in advancing the university.  Various forms and categories of awards have been inscribed by students either individually or in groups at the national and international levels. In achieving this, Universitas Mataram strives to provide learning spaces, programs, and facilities that support student activities and efforts.

List of Achievments

Campus Facilities

The availability of adequate campus facilities is one of the factors that support the achievement of campus goals. Thus, Universitas Mataram provides various supporting facilities to support learning activities in Universitas Mataram campus environment.

List of Facilities